Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of CVR College of Engineering remains at the forefront in educating and training the next generation engineers with leading edge technology. With its streamlined methodology, the Department moulds the budding professionals to make history through their positive contributions.

The Department has always been the trend setter of this Institution. One of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering, Electronics and Communication engineering covers a wide range of applications which makes our lives highly advanced, sophisticated and comfortable. This branch of electronics had started functioning here ever since the institution came into existence in 2001 and plays an active role in this fast moving world, by way of training the students with the state of the art electronics and communication systems.

The Department offers a comprehensive education, thereby preparing the students to emphasize the role of engineers in making a positive contribution to the betterment of society and human condition. The Departments’ mix of practical and theoretical experiences and our commitment to academic and ethical excellence cultivate outstanding Electronics engineers who are highly sought after for both higher education and employment. We have grown into a most sought after Department in CVR College of Engineering, adding more faculty members and branching into new projects and research areas.

The Department is making exhilarating progress in areas ranging from electronics, mobile and wireless communication to VLSI System design. The team approach is very warm in the Department of ECE. A palpable excitement surrounds the Department and an enthusiasm pervades every classroom and lab, invigorating our students and spurring on our faculty to fresh innovations. In an age when electronics play a major role in daily life and the promise of latest technologies coming to fruition, it is truly a great time to be a part of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of CVR College of Engineering.

Dr. K. Lalithendra
Ph.D IIT Delhi
Head of the Department