Consultancy projects: This department has entered into prestigious contracts with ECIL and DRDO for developing high end products. DRDO, Hyderabad has sanctioned three projects worth ` 28 lakhs and all the three have been successfully completed

1. OFDM for DRDL

It is a new modulation technique for baseband modulation to increase the capacity of high speed radio channels. It was implemented on FPGA by using the state of the art tools and delivered to DRDL which they used with proper engineering works for radio communication between missile and control center. Value of the order Rs. 9, 00,000/-.


The OFDM hardware configuration using FPG

1.Data Acquisition Hardware for DRDL

This is a system for connecting various types of analog and digital inputs through a universal interface to connect to the processing unit for data logging and the limit checks. It was delivered to DRDL and implemented on FPGA for integration for their flight trials feedback. Value of the order was Rs. 9, 00,000/-.

data acquisition system

The final DAS product deliverable at DRDL

1.Data Acquisition Engine

This is a software running on CPU implemented on FPGA with universal interface as described in item 2 above for storing of data and display. This system was delivered to DRDL. Value of the order was Rs. 9,00,000/-.

Development of Robust and Low Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [ U A Vs ]for   Surveillance & Commercial Applications

R &D  work

The project is funded by the college management. The college management has already funded Rs 6.5 lakhs towards this project. The above area was chosen  for R & D work  because, in due course,  the work  becomes an inter- disciplinary  subject and can draw both  faculty and students of  different departments.  Presently,  the  faculty of   ECE department  has initiated this program  involving  seven  M.Tech.(ES)   students ,  naming it as “ UAV PROJECT”.

1.A sensitive Thrust measuring Instrument has been developed to measure  the thrust produced by the Motors used in UAVs.     It plays a key role  in the design and fabrication of UAVs .  We used this instrument  to develop UAVs for Agricultural Applications mentioned above.

1.A  UAV Test Jig (first stage )  has been designed and developed  to minimize  the imbalances   in  UAVs. UAV Test Jig is used to  fine tune UAVs   to fix its  performance.

  1. Aerial survey of Agricultural land

Conducting Aerial Surveyplays a significant role in Agriculture. With  aGoPro camera  fitted on UAV,  our  UAV team  developed an application to conduct Aerial Survey of agricultural land.

This idea  is useful – by taking videos  of the land periodically-  comparing and with previous records.     By this,  we can extract  valuable information like,  distribution of water to the plants in the agricultural  field  ,  pest infected zones  in the land ,  crop yield .  This is the cheapest method to conduct aerial survey of lands.

  1. Animal and Bird menace

Animal and Bird menace  is a common problem to  farmers.  While animals   like wild  pigs  spoil the crops,   birds eat away  most of the produce  ( grains, sunflower seeds  etc.).

This menace can be minimized by scaring them with huge sounds  and/or by shining intense light into their eyes.   UAV Team developed a solution to this  problem  by  mounting  Air Horn and Powerful Light Source   on the UAV  and making it  hover in the sky randomly  in the farmer’s land,  to scare away  birds   and  animals.

  1. Building High Payload UAVS   (Application : Spraying pesticides  from UAVs
    Designing a UAV  to Spray pesticides in the agricultural requires addressing a number of  design metrics like payload Vs.  the power source,  capacity of the pesticide tank ,  time of flight per one time charge of batteries      Presently,  we could carry a payload of  nearly one Gallon of pesticide on UAV  and spray

SDR (Software Defined Radio): The lab has universal software radio peripherals (USRPs), each of which interfaces with a desktop computer via USB interface. Each radio has the capability to communicate in various frequency bands ranging from hundreds of megahertz to few giga Hertz.

Consultancy Projects

  1. Multi-Channel Analyzer
    ECIL has contacted CVR college of Engineering for developing the Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA). This is an R&D project of ECIL. MCAs are used in nuclear instruments for different applications like Isotope Identification, Alpha/Gamma spectroscopy, Liquid scintillators, , which demand wide resolution. Basically the analog inputs. Types of radiation detection are processed and then digitized by an ADC. The digital value of various channels are plotted on a histogram of the nuclear of counts various pulse height, i.e.,pulse height spectrum. The range of pulse heights will be analyzed by the MCA for various types of detection. An FPGA having micro controller &DSP is used for peak detection, counting and histogram calculation. martFusion2 FPGA SoCconsiting of flashbased FPGA fabric 166MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor and communications interfaces on a single chip.It consists of the following modules.
  • Signal Conditioning Module
  • ADC
  • LCD Interface/Driver
  • Keyboard Interface
  • JTAG
  • TFT Module
  • Digital Output/Inputs
  1. Digital Controller for Variable Speed drive
    The college is actively interacted with ECIL for the development of “Digital Controller for Variable Speed drive” for the applications of supplying coolant for Nuclear Reactors. The technicalities of the design and fabrication of HMI software and hardware is under development. HMI is practically an industrial PC with CPU integrated behind the monitor. It is mounted on the cabinet door of the Unit. HMI software is to be developed in visual basic or visual C. Screens consist of mimic diagrams, block diagrams, soft switches for ON, OFF, RESET operations etc., motor parameter list, energy consumption, control parameters like kp, ki, annunciator windows etc. HMI communicates with controller board, IO board on RS485 with MODBUS protocol and with control room by Ethernet.
  2. Intelligent Eye for the Blind and Visually impaired with a hearing aid
    The objective of this work is to help blind persons and the visually impaired, to read text label on product packages, bus routes, medicine bottles and handouts. For this purpose image to text conversion can be performed using image processing algorithms and several techniques to recognise character and conversion of this character to text and then to speech is required. The text regions must be localized automatically from which the character recognition must be done and then the text extraction. Each letter must be recognized by learning method. The extracted text then be converted into speech by using Speech Application Programming Interface(SAPI).

This Project has been applied to NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum and cleared two levels.

  1. Intrusion Detection System

A very powerful processor with high capacity GPU processing images for object detection and localization for perimeter protection of vital installations. This system has been demonstrated to ECIL and we are awaiting a commercial order from ECIL for this.

  1. Target Tracking by Thermal Imaging

A system has been developed for proof of concept for tracking of target by a missile for which a demonstration was given recently to BDL with thermal imaging. We are discussing with BDL about the scope of the work.

  1. IT in Agriculture

A system has been designed for studying health and need for input for plants in agricultural cultivation by multispectral analysis of the airborne images. Discussions are in progress with ECIL for marketing the product through agricultural universities.